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Dan Keller: Forests say no to solar

07-02-2024 6:32 PM

Many thanks to Ray DiDinato for his eloquent defense of our farms and forestland against the imminent threat of destruction posed by Gov. Maura Healey’s misguided plan to convert these precious lands to sites for solar development [“Eastern Mass. is...

John Sears: Hope for Israel/Palestine

07-02-2024 6:32 PM

I agree with My Turn writer Laurie Booshada [“Security and dignity through equality,” Recorder, June 26] that the only way to peace in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank is to achieve security and dignity through equality for all. The question is, how...

My Turn: Multiple ZIP code issue not worth addressing

07-01-2024 5:00 PM


 I didn’t attend the June 18 Whately Town Meeting for several reasons, including the high temperatures outside and having compromised health. However, I read the news coverage and listened to many townspeople [“Solo ZIP code, Gaza peace petitions...

My Turn: Two old men and a debate

07-01-2024 4:58 PM


 The night of the recent presidential debate, my relatives decided to watch it together and came over for an early dinner. We sat down to a jolly meal where we, like others around the country, debated playing “Trump Bingo,” each square representing...

Allison van der Velden: Least broken part of health care system

07-01-2024 4:56 PM

Health Care is broken. It’s more broken than most people can even imagine. If you’ve had the privilege of not needing care, you might not realize how hard it can be to get it when you do. Even if you are insured, healthy, and wealthy, if you live in...

Louise Amyot: Overwhelmed by garbage

07-01-2024 4:56 PM

Everyone I know who watched the June 27 debate between former President Donald Trump and sitting President Joe Biden came away with strong feelings about what they had seen transpire. Trumpers thought he talked circles around an old and feeble Biden;...

From Global to Local: War on women going strong

06-30-2024 10:46 AM


The war on women is everywhere: in the home, locally, nationally and globally. Take the recent report from NELCWIT here in Franklin County. In this past year they served 1,933 women survivors of mainly male sexual and physical violence.In 2018, the...

Court Dorsey: Wake up from the nightmare ‘more, more, more’

06-30-2024 10:30 AM

This is in appreciation for Raymond DiDonato's excellent column “Eastern Mass. is coming for our forests, fields and farmlands” [Recorder, June 26]. Thank you, Raymond, for emerging as an important voice calling for a sane solar siting plan that...

Genevieve Harris-Fraser: Biden needs more stamina in next debate

06-30-2024 10:30 AM

My husband, Douglas Harris and I both agree. President Biden’s grasp of what it takes to be a president, in terms of domestic policies and getting things done, was on display Thursday evening despite his frail appearance and overlong pauses. But Trump...

Connecting the Dots: Silencing even the crickets

06-28-2024 5:00 PM


They are so loud! With my sliding door to the patio open on warm nights, the collective cacophony of what? crickets? fills my living room, my ears and my awareness of sound not generated by neighbors or by nearby Silver Street traffic. I am in another...

Grant Ingle: UMass chancellor’s task force plan ‘deficient’

06-28-2024 2:33 PM

UMass Amherst Chancellor Javier Reyes has again demonstrated that he should resign. Reyes made the ill-advised decision to call in the State Police in riot gear to arrest students and faculty members peacefully protesting in support of Palestinians....

As I See It: We bid farewell to democracy on our last Independence Day

06-28-2024 2:31 PM


As a lifetime observer of American society and history, just now I am witnessing an astonishing historical event no human being has ever seen before: a nation voluntarily abandoning its democracy to welcome autocracy (very possibly fascism). On our...

My Turn: Hard times but theater endures

06-27-2024 5:44 PM


 Back in May, NPR’s “All Things Considered” broadcast an accounting of the impact of COVID on New York’s theater industry. The latter term applies. Preparing a drama for the stage on Broadway is little different than other capital ventures. It...

My Turn: Project 2025 — Republicans’ anti-democratic agenda for America

06-27-2024 5:42 PM


To know what’s coming if Donald Trump wins the fall election, check out Project 2025, the extreme right’s policy agenda and plan of action for the next Republican president. The Heritage Foundation produced Project 2025 with support from a coalition...

Mik Muller: Heavy rain and storm drains

06-27-2024 5:40 PM

My wife and I were driving home down Federal Street this past Saturday when the skies opened up and the road quickly turned to a series of ponds nearly the full width, curb to curb.With the new normal of flash heavy rains, I implore my fellow...

Ahmad Esfahani: Debating Wonka-ology

06-27-2024 5:40 PM

Frighteningly surreal it is how readily certain fictional characters lay over the present state of American politics. Explore the two wings of our elite party system, and you perhaps will notice how the ghosts of Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde...

My Turn: Enlightenment might have passed Louisiana by

06-26-2024 5:47 PM


The 19th day of June saw Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry sign into a law a requirement that the Ten Commandments be displayed in all public schools. The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School. Landry is a practicing Catholic.I was...

Margot Fleck: Can we rely on reason to save us from baser instincts?

06-26-2024 5:45 PM

Humans are clearly undergoing enormous stress around the globe. Fires, floods, displaced populations, famine, scamming, the endless greed of the wealthiest … the list goes on and on. And we can’t help but react exactly as our animal ancestors did....

My Turn: Eastern Mass. is coming for our forests, fields and farmlands

06-26-2024 5:43 PM


 Dana. Enfield. Greenwich. Prescott. To the casual observer visiting the trails of the Quabbin Reservoir from eastern Massachusetts during leaf peeping season, these names represent quaint roads for walking in the woods. But to most people living in...

My Turn: Understanding the Ukraine War

06-25-2024 7:41 PM


 Most of the reporting about the Ukraine war in the American mass media paints Russia as the aggressor and Ukraine as the victim. The war is characterized as one between democracy and dictatorship, between rule of law and rule by the strongest.That is...

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