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Columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: When egos run amok

07-08-2024 12:24 PM


Try as I may, I just simply cannot reconcile or rationalize the rampant extent of hunger and ego I have been witnessing daily from the presumed Republican candidate for president. As a psychologist, I have tried looking from multiple perspectives at...

My Turn: Summertime, and livin’ is cranky

07-06-2024 8:26 PM


 Due to the heat and humidity, I’ve been a bit cranky. Reading this newspaper makes me even crankier.It’s absurd that Democrats are still marching for George Floyd in Sunderland, but they will continue to do this until the Recorder no longer covers...

My Turn: For want of taxes and assistance, the house was lost

07-06-2024 8:25 PM


 I currently live in an apartment in Greenfield. In June 2014, I bought a house. I inherited half of the house that I grew up in with my mother. We sold that house, and I bought the house in Greenfield.Because of anxiety and depression, I didn’t look...

The World Keeps Turning: Should we question authority? Or everything?

07-05-2024 6:01 PM


Americans spent a lot of time and emotion fighting among ourselves in 1969. We fought over the Vietnam War, the compulsory military draft, and the “counterculture” springing from it. As a youngish man (or oldish boy) nearing 20, I was happy to march...

My Turn: Monster trucks, fireworks unsafe for residential area

07-05-2024 12:45 PM


 A Lancet medical journal article from 2018 says that when planning fireworks, “foremost, the crowd must be situated upwind and fireworks must not be set off in an enclosed space.”The Franklin County Fairgrounds are in an enclosed space in the middle...

William Deane: Never again

07-05-2024 12:43 PM

My daughter is a captain in the Army. Unfortunately, she is going to be stationed at Fort Jackson for the next four years. She will be leaving and taking my two grandchildren with her. So my other daughter and two more of my grandchildren thought how...

Doomsday climate predictions never stop

07-05-2024 12:43 PM

False doomsday climate predictions have been going on for decades and will continue with the likes of columns by Russ Vernon Jones and others with their wild Nostradamus predictions that never come true.I still remember the late 1970s watching a TV...

My Turn: What stuck out about the debate

07-04-2024 10:03 AM


  Joe Biden had a terrible night during the presidential debate. He looked wooden while walking, his stutter was the most pronounced that I’ve seen, his smile was frozen, he looked like a deer in the headlights at his podium, he got lost in answers,...

Sue Kramer: Film has key local tie

07-04-2024 9:59 AM

In the article about “Janet Planet,” the author wrote about the many ways the film ties into our local area: it was filmed locally, the writer/director is from Amherst, local folks were cast as extras [“‘Janet Planet’ comes in orbit,” Recorder, June...

Elizabeth Lareau Whitcomb: Make an informed choice this November

07-04-2024 9:59 AM

I would like to thank Louise Amyot for her July 2 letter in which she explained the effects of Gish galloping in a debate situation [“Overwhelmed by garbage”]. I am grateful that she called this to the attention of all who are harshly criticizing...

Tom Peabody: Sick of being insulted for supporting Trump

07-04-2024 9:59 AM

So ever since President Donald Trump arrived on the political scene, those of us who support him have been constantly insulted and been called all kinds of names. Evidently we are cultists, fascists, uneducated, neanderthals and, of course,...

Warren Rice: Where have all the frogs gone?

07-04-2024 9:59 AM

In all my six plus decades of living here in New England, one of the memories I have of summer is how the frogs would be all over the roads during, or after a summer rainstorm.There were so many of them that it was impossible to avoid running over...

Paul Gallo: Physical and mental exams needed for Biden and Trump

07-04-2024 9:59 AM

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have given voters ample reason to question whether their physical and mental health is satisfactory for being our next president. Both candidates claim to be in good health, but doubts exist.It would be tremendously...

My Turn: What the Bible tells us

07-03-2024 2:54 PM


 A number of years ago I tutored a Japanese student who attended a Massachusetts high school. One summer we read “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” together and, at the mention of David and Goliath, I asked him if he knew the story. He didn’t, so the next...

My Turn:

07-03-2024 2:54 PM


Much media attention has been given to climate change, how dirty fossil fuel is adversely affecting it, and green energy (wind, solar and hydro renewables) is slowing it down. This is positive and good “real news.” But conspicuously missing are...

Eveline MacDougall: A perfect summer day in Franklin County

07-03-2024 2:52 PM

A recent Saturday reminded me of how fortunate we are to live in western Massachusetts. After a visit to the Greenfield Farmers’ Market, I headed to Shelburne for a program of farming fun and edification presented by Fabric of Life. I learned a lot,...

David Parrella: Better Angels

07-03-2024 2:52 PM

The Civil War was the cultural midpoint in our history. Everything about slavery since the founding foreshadowed it. Everything subsequently seems to refer back to the unfulfilled promises of reconstruction. In early 1861 Lincoln delivered his first...

Guest columnist William Lambers: Celebrate America with acts of kindness

07-03-2024 2:50 PM


 Right before the 4th of July in 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt praised Americans for lending a “neighborly and sympathetic hand” to those in need.In a letter published by newspapers around the nation, Roosevelt wrote about the National War...

Pushback: State turns up heat on solar

07-02-2024 6:38 PM

The Massachusetts Legislature and Gov. Maura Healey are turning up the heat on solar and battery storage permitting, burning toward a July 31 legislative deadline to pass a bundle of bills that put clean energy and local municipalities hurtling...

My Turn: Stop dreaming about replacing Biden and get moving to defeat Trump

07-02-2024 6:37 PM


 Presidential “debates” are not debates, they are performances. They say nothing about policies or facts, and little if anything about why one should or shouldn’t vote for the performers. Last week’s debate showed one thing for certain: No one should...

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