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Speaking of Nature: Bring the birds to you: A behind-the-scenes tip of nature photography

03-10-2024 3:01 PM


Every week, rain or shine, winter or summer, I try to find something fun, interesting and positive to talk about in my column. This is actually an easy thing to do, but what can be somewhat problematic is finding a photo that will pair nicely with the...

Creating with childlike wonder: Solo show by aritst Mary Frongillo on display in GCTV lobby this month

03-09-2024 9:00 AM


Artist Mary Frongillo loves to play and employs play to understand the world around her.Frongillo is the first featured lobby artist of the year at Greenfield Community Television (GCTV), located at 393 Main St., with her solo show, “Shapes in Space,”...

Faith Matters: All are welcome at Open Table: One effort to nurture respectful conversation among those who may see the world differently

03-09-2024 7:00 AM


I often ask the students I teach to tell me which fruit was forbidden by God in the Garden of Eden. A quick, abrupt answer is speculative: “Apple!” A thoughtful answer obligates us to read the source, which states that it is not specified. Now the...

Direct from the Sunshine State: Augusta Savage Gallery celebrates its namesake with group show from Florida

03-08-2024 5:21 PM


Augusta Savage rose to prominence as a sculptor and educator when she moved to New York City in the 1920s, where she soon became a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance.But Savage, who was also a determined advocate for equal rights for African...

Turning 35, with some new plays to mark the occasion: Chester Theatre unveils its 2024 program

03-08-2024 5:18 PM


Chester Theatre Company turns 35 this year, and for its 2024 season, the ensemble is throwing in some new wrinkles to mark the occasion, from the world premiere of two new plays, the addition of some Friday matinee shows, and a production that the New...

Reclaiming the myth: World premier of ‘Gorgons’ tells the story of Medusa’s sisters, this weekend and next at Hawks & Reed

03-08-2024 11:34 AM


A modern spin on the Greek mythology will hit the stage at Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center Friday, March 8, with the world premier of “Gorgons,” a play written by Megan Tripaldi and directed by Kevin Vandevelve. The two-actor play, starring Human...

Change the world in 1,000 days: It starts with supporting babies and their families

03-08-2024 10:20 AM


A recent essay by Blythe Thomas, initiative director at 1000 Days, an organization that fights “to make health and well-being during the first 1,000 days (between pregnancy and a child’s 2nd birthday) a policy and funding priority,” begins by asking...

Sounds Local: Your favorite musician’s favorite musician: British singer-songwriter Luke Concannon plays in Shelburne Falls this Saturday

03-06-2024 2:00 PM


We all know that Ed Sheeran is a pop superstar and a bestie of Taylor Swift, but you probably didn’t know that he is a huge fan of of folk singer Luke Concannon, a British folk artist who will perform at The Mill in Shelburne Falls this Saturday,...

Connecting over casserole: Make this nourishing chili casserole when you want to communicate affection

03-05-2024 2:41 PM


The little church I attend in Charlemont is in transition, getting ready to look for a new minister. Right now, we are enjoying sermons from the Rev. Randy Purinton of Amherst.Randy is a delight. He is wise and funny, and he often manages to work a...

Crafted at home for the home: Josh Hannon creates wooden household goods that are both functional and beautiful

03-04-2024 3:25 PM


Western Massachusetts is home to some of the world’s finest artisans and craft fairs. We can admire gorgeous objects made of wood, glass, wool, clay, flax, stone, wax, and other materials, and this happy circumstance allows us to shop locally....

Speaking of Nature: The bird that surprised me: Brown Creeper uncommon for most of year, expertly camoflauges among dead trees

03-04-2024 6:01 AM


It was the end of a very long day, but, because of the increasing daylight that we have all been enjoying, it was still light out when I got home. I pulled up to the garage, but I had to get out to open the garage door because my door opener had died....

Preserving a key part of Emily Dickinson’s legacy: Historic Evergreens house reopens at the Emily Dickinson Museum

03-01-2024 11:49 AM


Between the “Dickinson” series on Apple TV+ and movies such as 2016’s “A Quiet Passion,” interest in Emily Dickinson has grown in the last several years, even beyond the already intense admiration that existed for her poetry among readers and literary...

Giving the gift of song: Eventide Singers, who serenade those in hospice care, to perform ‘thank you’ concert March 10

03-01-2024 11:43 AM


The Second Congregational Church will host an annual performance by the Eventide Singers, an a capella group of volunteers who serenade individuals in hospice care and their loved ones with the sacredness of song, on Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m.“We...

What’s old is new again: In Stile Moderno will perform ‘modern’ music from 1600s Italy in Greenfield and Northampton

03-01-2024 11:36 AM


In Stile Moderno, an early music ensemble founded in Basel, Switzerland, and named after the “modern style” of music that emerged in Italy around 1600, is coming this month to Greenfield and Northampton to perform a show titled “Madrigals of Claudio...

Let’s Talk Relationships: Your voice matters: An open invitation to share your thoughts

03-01-2024 11:34 AM


I have always found the topic of relationships fascinating and intriguing. In my monthly column, I write about romantic love, along with other significant relationships, and the perplexing challenges that we all inevitably face.Although it may be easy...

Faith Matters: Covenant as an art: How caring for others puts us in touch with God’s love

03-01-2024 11:34 AM


I’d like to share a recent experience with you and what it says to me about being part of the church in our world. Quite recently, one of our members passed away. He was a man beloved by many, who I came to know near the end of his life.When we...

Sounds Local: Cloudbelly drops highly anticipated sophomore album: Plus, concert tickets to grab while you still can

02-28-2024 2:37 PM


After releasing three singles that left us anxious to hear more, Cloudbelly, the Montague-based band led by singer-songwriter Corey Laitman, released its sophomore album, “i know i know i know” (Strange Library Records), last week. Laitman is joined...

Celebrating with syllabub: A whipped dessert inspired by Jane Austen and Hallmark movies

02-27-2024 2:56 PM


When I was in graduate school, I taught a class called “American Women’s Fictions.” My students made their way through stories popular with American women.We started with “Charlotte Temple,” a 1791 novel about an English schoolgirl who is seduced and...

Tapping into sweetness together: Severance’s Maple Products chosen for Maple Month kick-off

02-26-2024 3:22 PM


Maple sap processing season is short, yet Northfield’s Milt Severance thinks about syrup all year. His sweet vocation will be celebrated this Friday, March 1, when his sugarhouse is singled out to host the Ceremonial Tapping that kicks off Maple...

Speaking of Nature: From rare to regular: The Carolina Wren may soon become a regular backyard bird for all of us

02-26-2024 6:01 AM


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded. I remember it being hot in the summertime, but I think the effect of this heat was most noticed by me in the autumn. The Thinking Chair...

Displaying articles 41 to 60 out of 278 total.
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