Steven Lindsey: Save the Strathmore Mill bridge over Turners Falls Canal

The former Strathmore Paper Mill in Turners Falls.

The former Strathmore Paper Mill in Turners Falls. STAFF FILE PHOTO/PAUL FRANZ

Published: 05-28-2024 4:27 PM

Modified: 05-29-2024 2:37 PM

The Strathmore Mill, the most imposing of the remaining mills that once lined the Turners Falls Canal, is to be demolished. The die is cast.

Perhaps, however, there is a way to salvage something of the industrial heritage of Turners Falls. Consider saving the pedestrian bridges that once served the mills. These are the spans that brought the workers across the canal to work. The best choice would be to preserve the Strathmore Mill bridge, a riveted Pratt through-truss bridge with ornate lattice railing, built around 1900.

Rebuild and restore the Strathmore bridge, rather than scrapping and replacing it. Consider keeping an authentic piece of the mill era intact. Save an actual piece of Turners Falls heritage. By keeping the Strathmore Bridge as a gateway to the mill area, a visitor can imagine what transpired along the great canal. Standing on it, one can still imagine the industrial heyday of Turners Falls. One can see the ghosts of the workers coming to and from work, and the steam whistles summoning each shift.

Steven Lindsey

Keene, NH

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