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Speaking of Nature: Introducing the Alder Flycatcher: After 27 years of waiting, the bird finally allowed itself to be photographed
06-23-2024 10:46 AM


This week I have the rare pleasure of introducing you to a new species for the first time. After 27 years of reporting on my observations, I have finally acquired a photograph that I think is worthy of such an introduction. I have been exploring the...

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PHOTOS: Bear necessities
06-17-2024 6:21 PM

Speaking of Nature: Identifying an unusual critter: And an invitation to give it a name
06-17-2024 6:01 AM


I first saw this curious little animal on June 1. It was a beautiful day outside, but the cottonwood tree that grows next to my deck was in full seed-dispersal mode and sitting outside was not really an option. Imagine a snowstorm, but the flakes of...

PHOTOS: Angling for a lucky day
06-13-2024 6:31 PM

PHOTO: Take a seat
06-12-2024 5:55 PM

Tour marks 50th anniversary of Hawley Bog’s declaration as National Natural Landmark
06-11-2024 6:58 PM


HAWLEY — It’s been 50 years since the Hawley Bog was declared a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service, one of only 11 in Massachusetts, and visitors got to see why on Tuesday with a celebratory guided tour.The celebration, led by The...

PHOTO: Neighborly grazers
06-11-2024 4:57 PM

Speaking of Nature: Too slow to survive? All porcupines want is a peaceful life in the country woods
06-10-2024 6:01 AM


I was on my way to work the other day and, at least initially, I was enjoying the morning drive. The sun rises just after 5:00 a.m. these days and the approach of my last day of school added a little buoyancy to the otherwise monotonous commute. I...

PHOTO: Paddling pair
06-04-2024 1:56 PM

Speaking of Nature: The return of some familiar feathered faces: Tree swallows come home to the same fields they used the previous year
06-03-2024 5:01 AM


One of the great joys of the spring is the year’s first appearance of the tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor). In my yard this event almost always occurs in the first week of April and this year was no exception. It was a close call, but the first...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: Late-season highlights of the hunt
05-29-2024 7:48 PM

As the first moments of daylight crept over the horizon like a sedated manatee on the last day of turkey hunting season, I was mesmerized at how long it took for the sun to appear that day. I honestly don’t know why this was, or what was making me...

Kayaker’s delight: Best day-paddles along the Connecticut River in Massachusetts
05-24-2024 1:31 PM


Last summer, I chronicled my 68-mile paddle of Connecticut River through Massachusetts. Along the way, I became very well acquainted with the river, its bends and currents, dams and bridges, trees and wildlife — even its sewage overflows! Here are a...

‘As the woods wake up, it’s my favorite time’: Turkey hunters relish spring season
05-17-2024 12:36 PM


The Boston Red Sox season will still be warming up by the end of this month, with about 110 games remaining before the playoffs. But outdoor sportsmen across Massachusetts will have already hung up their gear until around the time the World Series...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: More successful tales from the hunt
05-08-2024 4:06 PM

With this year’s wild turkey hunting season nearing the end of a second full week, stories have been coming in from all over the state from friends and colleagues who’ve had a great start to the 2024 season. And with two full weeks-plus remaining, I...

Speaking of Nature: Bird of my dreams, it’s you: Spotting a White-tailed Tropicbird on our cruise in Bermuda
04-29-2024 7:01 AM


It was the morning of April 16 and I was up early. It seems to be impossible for me to sleep late at this time of year because I am so excited about seeing the first birds of the season, but this particular morning was a little different. It was the...

PHOTO: Flowing falls
04-23-2024 2:17 PM

Speaking of Nature: ‘Those sound like chickens’: Wood frogs and spring peepers are back — and loud as ever
04-22-2024 6:01 AM


During a recent lecture on evolutioin I had to explain the differences between three different processes known as geographic, temporal and behavioral isolation. Geographic isolation is the easiest of these concepts to understand because it involves...

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: Don’t feed those turkeys
04-10-2024 3:39 PM

MassWildlife reminds us that April through May is the height of the breeding season for wild turkeys and, as a result, turkey activity is increasing daily across the Commonwealth.In some areas turkeys may even act aggressively by pecking, following,...

Speaking of Nature: Molting for amore: Spring has arrived and male goldfinches are starting to molt into their nuptial plumage
04-08-2024 6:01 AM


It just so happens that I am a creature of habit and I always write my column on a Thursday. On this particular morning I find myself luxuriating in an unexpected, but most welcome, deviation from my normal routine. A huge winter storm has arrived and...

PHOTO: Two by two
03-30-2024 11:26 AM

DCR sees booking surge at state campgrounds
03-27-2024 5:23 PM


It seems people from all over are anxious for spring to arrive as bookings at the three state camping locations in Franklin and Hampshire counties are filling up fast.The state Department of Conservation and Recreation reports that at least 756 total...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 92 total.

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