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My Turn: Safe for swimming? We got work to do
07-19-2024 1:19 PM


Another summer, another season of seeking out swimming holes to cool down.      In the Pioneer Valley and beyond, millions of Americans are flocking to rivers, lakes and beaches to beat the heat. Whether stream walking, wading, swimming, surfing,...

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Dr. Larry S. Rankin: Support passage of End of Life Options Act
07-15-2024 5:17 PM

Regarding the recent letter “Tough cases make bad law on assisted suicide,” [Recorder, July 10], contrary to claims by the small percentage of Massachusetts residents who oppose medical aid in dying, it is legally and medically incorrect to conflate...

Sunderland contractor fined over asbestos abatement violations at UMass
07-15-2024 10:23 AM

AMHERST — A Sunderland contractor is facing a state fine of almost $30,000 for violations that occurred during asbestos abatement work at the University of Massachusetts, authorities announced Friday.The state Department of Environmental Protection...

Sunderland receives $195K grant to study, design multi-use trail from Whately to Amherst
07-13-2024 9:13 PM


SUNDERLAND — With a $195,090 MassTrails grant, visions of people walking and biking on the Norwottuck North Shared-Use Path from Whately to Amherst are one step closer to becoming a reality.Alongside a $76,840 match from Sunderland, which is the lead...

Opening doors for immigrants: UMass Dining’s Pam Adams finds work for Haitian community
07-12-2024 7:34 PM


AMHERST — On the 10th floor of the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus Center, Samuel Noel, a welder by trade, works as a dishwasher — his first job in the United States.Noel, a Haitian immigrant who moved to Greenfield’s Days Inn shelter on...

My Turn: Trump’s election will not be the fault of his supporters
07-10-2024 6:05 PM


 Just over a 100 years ago, in the presidential election of 1920, nearly a million people (3.4% of the popular vote) voted for a man in federal prison who eight years earlier had managed to attract 6% of the popular vote, although in number this was...

Conway begins planning for tax work-off program for low-income seniors, veterans
07-07-2024 3:01 PM


CONWAY — Taking pointers from the communities of Greenfield, Amherst and Dalton, Conway is in the early stages of developing a tax work-off program for low-income seniors and veterans.Tax work-off programs place residents in a part-time position in a...

My Turn: Understanding the Ukraine War
06-25-2024 7:41 PM


 Most of the reporting about the Ukraine war in the American mass media paints Russia as the aggressor and Ukraine as the victim. The war is characterized as one between democracy and dictatorship, between rule of law and rule by the strongest.That is...

The lingering effects of long COVID: Domb hosts second briefing on the topic
06-25-2024 7:21 PM


It knocked Netia McCray out of work for two years, and it took all of that time for doctors to give her an official diagnosis — she was suffering from long COVID.McCray, the director of Mbadika, a Boston nonprofit that provides resources for students...

‘Janet Planet’ comes into orbit: Annie Baker’s debut film, about to open in Valley, features performances and input from some area residents
06-21-2024 10:41 AM


After generating some local news in 2022 when scenes were filmed in a number of locations around the Valley, “Janet Planet,” the debut film by celebrated playwright Annie Baker, is set to make its debut in Amherst and Greenfield on June 27.The movie,...

Colorful visions from Brazil: Eric Carle Museum hosts first U.S. exhibit of Brazilian artist and children’s author Roger Mello
06-21-2024 10:22 AM


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art has displayed the work of dozens and dozens — or more likely hundreds — of illustrators and writers over the years, in solo exhibits and group shows.Among them have been a fair number of artists from other...

My Turn: For climate, a turning point in human history?
06-20-2024 6:01 PM


Will we be able to pass a livable world on to future generations? Given the climate emergency, is there hope for the future? Whether we want to think about climate change or not, most of us care about the answers to these questions. New polling data...

My Turn: Either respect U.S. immigration law or admit you don’t really care
06-19-2024 5:01 PM


Earlier this month, the White House put out a “Fact Sheet” meant to explain President Biden’s latest immigration-related executive action, which orders American authorities to drastically limit many immigrants’ ability to make their case for asylum...

Patricia Ramsey: What does a recession look like?
06-17-2024 6:01 PM

According to polls, the majority of Americans believe we are in a deep recession. Huh? What are they seeing?Do they personally know many people actively seeking employment and coming up empty? Do they see long lines at hiring events? Are they looking...

My Turn: Unraveling my white supremacist history
06-16-2024 8:19 PM


 There were rumors that my Roberts great-grandparents were enslavers in Culpeper County, Virginia. I began researching them before a 2023 southern road trip with a friend of 50 years, Delores Brown. Exploring Georgia, where she lived as a child with...

A different kind of road trip: ‘Ezra’ explores the challenge of raising an autistic child
06-14-2024 11:12 AM


Among a number of very good lines in “Ezra,” a film about the challenge of raising an autistic child, there’s one that really encapsulates the problems parents and caretakers can face.Bobby Cannavale plays Max Bernal, a struggling comedian with his...

Colrain student leads local branch of Student Painters
06-13-2024 11:39 AM


GREENFIELD — After a representative from the Young Entrepreneurs Across America organization came to speak to Josiah Crosier’s college class, the Greenfield High School graduate was inspired to get involved with Student Painters and has since...

Monica Moran: Talking to young people about digital dating abuse
06-01-2024 11:26 PM

As summer approaches and young people increasingly rely on social media and phones to stay in touch, we’d like to ask parents and guardians to discuss digital dating boundaries with teens and preteens. A good way to start these conversations is by...

Retired UMass prof picked for Melinda French Gates’ $240M women empowerment project
05-31-2024 6:01 AM


AMHERST — A retired University of Massachusetts economics professor from the School of Public Policy is being awarded $20 million from Melinda French Gates’ philanthropic foundation, money that will go toward advancing women’s power on a global...

My Turn: UMass — Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind
05-28-2024 7:16 AM


‘If you build it, they will come,” comes the now famous line from the heartwarming baseball movie, “Field of Dreams.” UMass Chancellor Javier Reyes is no Kevin Costner, not just because only Kevin Costner can be Kevin Costner, but also because Reyes...

Earth Matters: Biodiversity crisis in our backyard: The science behind saving habitat for wildlife
05-24-2024 11:23 AM


One of the reasons many of us love living in the Valley is being able to see wildlife around us. But those sightings will become increasingly rare if humans don’t take bold steps to slow the loss of species around the world. Scientists are sounding...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 239 total.

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