Real Estate Transactions: June 21, 2024



Published: 06-20-2024 9:41 AM


823 Carpenter Road. $529,000. B: James M. Williams and Heidi N. Lane. S: Kevin W. Colo and Arthur E. Billings Jr.

59 Highland Ave. $360,000. B: Marcus T. Kitchen and Courtney E. Meneely. S: Robert P. McGuirk and Michael C. McGuirk.

350 Riverbend St., Lot 101. $257,500. B: Seth P. Murray. S: Duke NA LLC.

171 South Royalston Road. $3,300,000. B: S&S Real Estate LLC. S: Applewood Realty LLC.

2083 White Pond Road. $80,000. B: Justin L. Hennessey and Ronald Hennessey. S: Justin L. Hennessey.


300 Conway Road. $557,000. B: Brian Colleran and Katherine E. Goodall. S: Adam Czachorowski and Katherine Donnelly.

35 King Philip Ave. $574,900. B: Bryant J. Crubaugh and Riley O. Mummah. S: John T. McConnell and Carol McConnell.

108 North Hillside Road. $675,000. B: Jason M. Levy and Kathleen A. Pierce. S: Kirsten Oxboel.

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121 Sandgully Road. $430,000. B: Elizabeth Brown. S: Felix Rodriguez and Lindsay Rodriguez.


4 Keegan Lane, Lot E. $264,500 B: Susan Carroll. S: Molly L. Viens.

147-149 School St. $340,000. B: Deebee Realty Trust. S: Stephen R. Poulin and Kimberly Salditt-Poulin.


21 Franklin St. $336,000. B: Andre Morris. S: Patrick S. Pezzati and Chandra L. Hancock.

306 Montague City Road. $340,000. B: William Schulze and Mariah Monson. S: Jacob S. Dlugosz and Carleigh Dlugosz.

58 Prospect St. $445,000. B: Olivia Cifrino and Jason Ewas. S: Katherine E. Blair.

53 Turners Falls Road. $360,000. B: Sequoia R. Lebreux and Donald Lebreux Jr. S: Douglas Dedischew.


10 Moss Brook Road. $85,000. B: Joshua Voight-Poirier. S: Kevin C. Dodge.


20 Cobb Hill Road. $785,000. B: Karlos J. Paula. S: Matthew R. Hill.


4 Butterworth Road. $450,000. B: Alexis M. Burt and Richard G. DaSilva. S: Jody W. Edwards and Scherri L. Edwards.