Real Estate Transactions: April 12, 2024



Published: 04-11-2024 10:06 AM


1823 Hawley Road. $777,000. B: Ian Adams and Javonate Gamble. S: Vincent M. Biggs and Brigid E. Demers.


667 Brickyard Road. $331,000. B: Aleksandr A. Galbin and Krista Galbin. S: Johnathan Sibley and Jennifer Sibley.

836 Cottage St. $385,000. B: Rayanna P. Rutkowski and Triston A. Rutkowski. S: Cal-Mek Enterprises Inc.

1356 Main St. $470,000. B: Robert O. Levine and Joan M. Levine. S: Lance Fraumeni.

16 Prospect St. $393,000. B: Peter Dassoni. S: Melmar Properties LLC.

141 Riverview Ave. $308,500. B: Daniel M. Rosen. S: Christy H. Fields and Daniel D. Fields.


35 Avery Road. $554,000. B: Finnivan Family Revocable Trust and Joseph T. Finnivan. S: Marc H. Dodson and Nancy P. Dodson.

139 Main St. $290,000. B: Albert E. Gray Jr. and Angela M. Jann. S: Daniel Sonntag.


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157 River St. $20,000. B: Scott D. MacDonald. S: Melissa L. Makosiej and Scott D. MacDonald.


River Road. $16,800. B: Dana M. Lavigne. S: E.H. Armstrong-Bushey.

251 River Road. $585,000. B: John Decoursy and Lainie Decoursy. S: Robert W. Doyle and Margaret K. Doyle.


28-34 Colorado Ave. $850,000. B: 28-34 Colorado Ave. LLC. S: Allan E. Keyes and Janet E. Keyes.

19 Highland Ave. $536,500. B: Steven J. Cohen. S: Dzanc Books Inc.

155-165 Main St. $1,100,000. B: Stonewall Entities LLC. S: Sherman Realty LLC.

71-73 West St. $280,000. B: Maureen Pollock. S: Peter Kuzmeskus and Christine Kuzmeskus.


198 West Hawley Road. $267,500. B: Max Leh and Jocelyn Crowningshield. S: Wayne R. Clark and Robin C. Clark.

90 West Hawley Road. $225,000. B: Wayne R. Clark and Robin C. Clark. S: James M. Desrochers and Kathleen M. Desrochers.


42 Cushman Road. $450,000. B: Nathan Y. Lumen and Mariel Lumen. S: Michael L. Williams.


52 Briggs St. $160,000. B: Eli Miller and Amanda Phelps. S: Norman Bartlett and Rhonda Bartlett.

232 East Main St. $301,000. B: Marvin Q. Turuy and An Nguyen. S: Tyler Q. Grossman and Markayla S. Tansey.

113 New Athol Road, Lot 28. $335,000. B: Michael R. Edson and Michelle L. Edson. S: Sherry J. Whitney.


95-115 Blake Corner Road. $1,350,000. B: Hacienda LLC. S: Timothy R. Leslie and Michelle Leslie.


Kentfield Road (off). $17,000. B: Whetstone Wood Trust Fund and Bancroft R. Poor. S: Paul E. Szostek and Daniel P. Szostek.

Wendell Depot Road. $96,667. B: New England Power Co. S: Clinton W. Allen Trust Agreement and Arthur N. Allen.

Wendell Depot Road. $48,333. B: New England Power Co. S: Estate of Elsie A. Woods and Arthur N. Allen.