Hiker rescued on Tully Mountain in Orange

Staff Report

Published: 03-27-2023 1:12 PM

ORANGE — Firefighters rescued a lost hiker from the north end of Tully Mountain on Saturday, the Orange Fire Department announced on its Facebook page.

The hiker, a woman estimated to be in her 60s, was brought to safety along with her dog after a 90-minute search. She was uninjured.

According to the Orange Fire Department, dispatchers received a 911 call reporting the lost hiker at about 11:08 a.m. on Saturday. The department’s on-duty crew responded with help from off-duty and call force personnel.

“Once the staging area was set up at the base of the mountain, our [utility task vehicle] was deployed as well as a ground crew to head to the GPS coordinates where the hiker was thought to be,” the Orange Fire Department stated.

Personnel located the hiker and her dog at the back side of the mountain submerged “waist-deep” in a “swampy area” that she had been cutting across in an attempt to find a way out. She was taken out of the woods by the UTV.

“Reminder: if you are lost or think you are lost, stay in one spot, contact 911 and await responders,” the department cautioned. “Fortunately, this happened in the middle of the day, and not in the evening or nighttime hours.”