Nina Keller: Are lithium batteries green?

Published: 03-29-2024 4:16 PM

A 1.6-mile-long bridge in Maryland recently was struck by a ship and collapsed. The trauma, colossal costs and infrastructure chaos loom. The gigantic container ship included transportation of hazardous waste from the United States to Sri Lanka off the coast of India. This is not merchandise of quality nor of use to citizens of that country. It was clearing toxic residue from within our borders to be sold at someone’s profit, a middleman in the toxic waste hierarchy.

The cargo included lithium ion batteries, highly flammable and toxic remains from our large battery storage facilities, electric cars, etc. If you have seen the height and volume piled on that cargo ship, then you can imagine similar collections awaiting transport.

There have been out of control hazmat battery storage facility fires before but this is a first of a kind accident. The volume of battery waste adds to the anti-battery argument held by cities and towns and fuels the opposition to the expanding use of and construction of battery storage as a “green” energy source.

Several towns in Franklin County have been confronted with corporations seeking easy means to financial gain. They seductively name themselves “New Leaf,” “Blue Sky,” “Green Wave” as if they are answering the call for environmental salvation.

If you let our state government know your response to battery storage, especially stand alone battery systems that do not produce their own energy but extract from a grid that remains mostly fossil and nuclear, you will help Governor Maura Healey reassess her green directives.

Nina Keller


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