Genevieve Harris-Fraser: U.S. policy condemns Palestinians

Palestinians flee Gaza City to the southern Gaza Strip, in Wadi Gaza, Monday, March 25, 2024.

Palestinians flee Gaza City to the southern Gaza Strip, in Wadi Gaza, Monday, March 25, 2024. AP PHOTO/FATIMA SHBAIR

Published: 03-31-2024 12:20 PM

Congress recently passed legislation, signed into law by President Joe Biden, that banned funds for UNRWA. Are we becoming Nazis? Our behavior towards Palestinians reflects that trend. We seem to be using the Nazi playbook.

Residents of Gaza, their homes, infrastructure, and cultural institutions are bombed with our bombs. Through this legislation, we are green-lighting starving and withholding clean water and medicine from Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem as well as those in Jordan, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the Middle East. UNRWA also funds schools, a police force, and social services.

Today, Gaza residents are locked up in a concentration camp, basically, a death camp. And we just approved $4 billion more for Israel to continue their genocide. What does that say about us, the U.S., a country that supported the creation of the state of Israel and the expulsion of the Palestinians from their homes and lands? They once were a thriving people, respected throughout the world as the people of the Holy Land. Now we have condemned them to a grizzly death. What does that say about us?

Genevieve Harris-Fraser


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