David Goldstein: Democrats are in a full-blown panic

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Published: 07-08-2024 4:09 PM

Modified: 07-09-2024 11:05 AM

Joe Biden stumbled, mumbled, and froze on live TV during the most bizarre presidential debate of all time. The president is clearly a “cognitive mess” (to quote Sean Hannity), yet many of his followers are still defending the incoherent and utterly incompetent octogenarian.

Now I’m not a professor or a “political expert,” but I know when I’m being lied to, and I do have common sense. Clearly, Biden is mentally unfit to lead the country. He can’t form a sentence, he loses his train of thought, and he’s unable to read a teleprompter. Also, he’s taken more tumbles than Gerry Ford.

Truth be told, most liberals want him gone, but he ain’t goin’ anywhere. He’s not just Sleepy Joe or Crooked Joe, he’s also Stubborn Joe.

I do believe Biden/Harris are doomed. Liberals wanted this disastrous duo in 2020, and now they’re in meltdown mode because they can’t get rid of them.

Trump was a great president, and he gave an awesome debate performance. He’s the one who is sharp as a tack. He’s the one who doesn’t stare into space with his mouth wide open. He’s the one who connects with Americans. Go, Trump!

David Goldstein


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