Joanne Bernot: Irony and hypocrisy over insults

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Published: 07-08-2024 4:09 PM

Modified: 07-09-2024 11:06 AM

Joe Biden — Crooked Joe, Sleepy Joe; Michael Bloomberg — Little Michael; Elaine Chow — Coco Chow: Hillary Clinton — Crooked Hillary, Crazy Hillary. This is just a very small sample of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric. He is the master of insults. He is the epitome of disrespect. He has nothing but contempt for anyone who disagrees with him. He is a bully.

Yet letter writer Tom Peabody whines about the many insults Trump supporters must endure [“Sick of being insulted for supporting Trump,” Recorder, July 5]. And his solution? Deny liberals the right to be heard. “Elitist snobs should keep your insults and opinions out of our local newspaper.”

That entire letter points out the hypocrisy of Trump and his supporters and demonstrates how intolerant, uninformed and close-minded these people are. It would seem that the message is: It’s OK for me to do it but not for you.

Joanne Bernot


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