Celia Lang: Senior Center proudly promotes all elder programs


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Published: 05-15-2024 5:15 PM

Modified: 05-15-2024 7:16 PM

A big thank you to the Senior Center Board of Oversight for opting not to renew the center’s lease at the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.

Yes, it is a legal issue. And, LGBTQIA+ seniors who attend the Rainbow Elders Zoom programming, the monthly luncheon at the Sunderland Senior Center, and meet up for conversation at the beautiful new Greenfield Public Library are a part of this community. The request that LifePath avoid promoting Rainbow Elders programming because according to the church pastor, it’s just simply not consistent with the stances of the church, is what is really unfortunate.

The Greenfield Senior Center has helped me with my Medicare issues. I’ve joined in with social and recreational programs and, I just happen to be a 70-plus-year-old lesbian. The Senior Center will find other places to run our programs. Hopefully, somewhere we all feel welcomed.

Celia Lang

Rainbow Elders Steering Committee volunteer, Greenfield

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