Lew LaChance: Why have stop signs?



Published: 04-12-2024 2:31 PM

Modified: 04-15-2024 1:21 PM

Many people in Greenfield and elsewhere do not stop at stop signs! The are red, octagon (eight-sided) signs with a white border along the edges. These markers are very visible. I’m sure from early life, we have all heard “STOP.” We all know what that means. And yet, some folks refuse to stop.

We get into habits. Habits are hard to break! As Americans, we have rebelled against law and order since the 1700s, sometimes for good reasons. Why are we asked to stop at stop signs? When the visibility is limited, we should come to a complete cessation of movement, and look carefully before proceeding.

We have free will. We also have a free will to do what’s right. Please start today. Stop at stop signs.

Lew LaChance


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